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Autophagy and T-cell Exhaustion

Autophagy and T-Cell exhaustion

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There's increasing evidence that there may be benefits to targeting the host. TB is very clever and it manipulates the host immune system to its own advantage, so if we could use drugs to help the immune system, then we may be able to make it more effective.

Ken Smith, Professor of Medicine and Head of Department of Medicine.  “It might be that exhausted T cells can’t fight multi-drug resistant TB effectively, in which case we need to find a way to overcome this exhaustion and spur the T cells on to rid the body of the disease” 

This is the approach that Professors Ken Smith and Andres Floto from the Department of Medicine, are taking. Ken Smith is looking at the role that specialist immune cells known as T cells play in the persistence of multi-drug resistant strains of TB. His group has evidence that around two thirds of the population have T cells which have a tendency to become ‘exhausted’ when activated.



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