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Cardiovascular Research

Pakistan Risk of Myocardial Infarction Study (PROMIS)

Coronary mortality in South Asia is expected to more than double, in both men and women, over the next 20 years and become the leading cause of death in this region by 2020.

Despite this excess disease burden, data are, however, sparse from studies investigating the determinants of CHD risk in South Asia generally and in Pakistan in particular.

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Bangladesh Risk of Acute Vascular Events (BRAVE) 

In order to inform the growing cardiovascular burden a pioneering large-scale case-control study of acute cardiovascular disease has been established between The University of Cambridge and its local partners in Bangladesh.

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BHF Oxbridge Centre for Regenerative Medicine

In 2013, the British Heart Foundation committed funds to establish Research Centres of Regenerative Medicine. The Universities of Oxford, Cambridge and Bristol were awarded £2,500,000 to form the BHF Oxbridge Centre of Regenerative Medicine.

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The Cambridge Centre for Global Health Research is funded by the Wellcome Trust. In close collaboration with The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, it supports researchers working in public health and tropical medicine to develop their careers, and foster interchange between institutions in the UK and those based in low- and middle-income countries.