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The 19th Cambridge Immunology Forum – ‘Cancer Immunology’

Sep 20, 2018. Queen's College. “Cancer-Immunology” from basic science through to clinical application

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Walking and cycling over driving may reduce risk of dying from cardiovascular disease prematurely

MRC Epidemiology Unit and CEDAR have published new research, in journal Heart

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Sanger Institute 2017/18 Highlights

Showcasing key discoveries and future research interests of the Scientific Programmes, each exploring a major area of research with a particular biological, disease or analytic focus.

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Developing new diagnostics for neglected tropical diseases

What it takes to develop a (rapid) diagnostic for a NTD. King's College Cambridge.Audit Room July 10, 2018 6 – 7 PM

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Nutrition training workshop

The workshop was led by Dr Dora Pereira in February 2018 at the MRC Unit The Gambia at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Basse field site.

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HPV Vaccine

Professor Margaret Stanley, Department of Pathology: Pressure to extend vaccination against the cancer-causing human papilloma virus to young men as cancer rates soar.

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Interview with Professor Walderez Dutra

Dr Julian Rayner

Professor Ian Goodfellow