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Gavin Wright received his DPhil from the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, University of Oxford, where he studied cell surface receptor-ligand interactions. He subsequently undertook his postdoctoral training with Julian Lewis at the Cancer Research UK Lincoln’s Inn Fields laboratories, London. Gavin joined the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in 2003 to set up a research programme aimed at developing methods to identify extracellular receptor-ligand interactions using systematic and large scale approaches. His interests have expanded into tropical infectious disease research where he contributes to the Sanger Institute research programmes in infectious genomics and malaria.



1)   Vaccine target identification for neglected tropical infectious disease including schistosomiasis (S. mansoni), visceral leishmaniasis (L. donovaniinfantum), animal African trypanosomiasis (T. vivaxand T. congolense) and malaria (P. falciparum). We have large panels of recombinant cell surface and secreted proteins from these pathogens and also murine infection models set up for S. mansoniL. donovaniT. vivaxT. congolenseand Babesia microti.

2)   Host-pathogen interactions. We have developed systematic genome-scale platforms to identify host receptors for parasite ligands.

3)   Diagnostics: we can use our panels of proteins to identify markers of exposure.

Dr Gavin  Wright
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