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Goylette received her PhD from the University of Cambridge in 2016 under the supervision of Prof. Andreas Kontoleon (Land Economy) and Prof. David Dunne (Pathology). Her PhD research addressed how best to control morbidity attributable to intestinal parasitic helminths afflicting humans. In particular, she focused onSchistosoma mansoniand hookworm infections in Mayuge District, Uganda. Her work combines field techniques from the medical sciences with quantitative and computational approaches from the physical and social sciences. She has developed and applied complex network methodologies for increasing coverage of deworming medicines in mass treatment campaigns. In 2016, she received an Isaac Newton Trust Fellowship. Currently, she is a Junior Research Fellow in medical sciences in King’s College, Cambridge and at the WT-CCGHR.



1)   How can social networks be used to increase treatment coverage during mass drug administration?
2)   How can we target individuals to stop the spread of misinformation or pathogens through a social network?
3)   Epidemiology of schistosomiasis & hookworm & measurements of community health related to these infections
4)   Big data driven, computational approaches to the analysis of clinical comorbidities in rural poor areas


1)   Vector Control Division
2)   Uganda Ministry of Health
3)   Dr. Narcis Kabatereine
4)   Dr. Edridah Muheki

Dr Goylette  Chami
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