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Wellcome Trust - Cambridge Centre for Global Health Research


Studying at Cambridge


Dr Simon Frost

Departments and Institutes

Department of Veterinary Medicine:

Research Interests


1)   Expertise in dynamics of pathogens:
a)   Mathematical and statistical modeling of infectious diseases
i)     Classical compartmental models
ii)    Agent-based computational models
iii)   Spatial analysis

b)   Pathogen sequence analysis
2)   NTD Systems:
a)   Dengue
b)   Leptospirosis
c)    Viral hemorrhagic fever

3)   Related field:
a)   Spatiotemporal analysis of vectors and of the environment

4)   Methods developed:
a)   Bioinformatic pipelines for:
i)     Viral discovery
ii)    Molecular epidemiology

b)   Mathematical and agent-based models of disease transmission

c)    State-of-the-art spatiotemporal models e.g. for vector abundance

Between 2013 and 2018, the Centre supported collaborative partnerships and scientific training activities in basic biomedical and health-related research. This was achieved through coordinated cross-faculty research across departments and research institutes in Cambridge including The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute