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Professor David Dunne

Professor David Dunne

Professor of Parasitology


David Dunne is an emeritus Professor of Parasitology in the Department of Pathology at  Cambridge. He led  the project on Epidemiology and Immunology of Schistosomiasis and other Human Parasitic Diseases.

David is a founding member of the Cambridge-Africa initiative which evolved  from the extensive research relationships he and other academics have nurtured with African institutions over many  years. It is from the good work of the Cambridge-Africa programme that this Centre for Global Health Research was developed, with the belief that the type of initiatives and research conducted under Cambridge-Africa should be expanded to low and income countries globally, with the same ethos of equitable partnerships, fellowships  and Collaborations for quality research and impact.

Between 2013 and 2018, the Centre supported collaborative partnerships and scientific training activities in basic biomedical and health-related research. This was achieved through coordinated cross-faculty research across departments and research institutes in Cambridge including The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute