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Professor Gordon Dougan

Professor Gordon Dougan

Head of Pathogen Research at The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institution


Professor Gordon Dougan's research focuses on the genetic analysis of host/pathogen interactions during infection, particularly those involving enteric bacteria. He has worked extensively in both academia and industry, making important contributions in the field of vaccinology where he has worked to improve vaccine delivery to poorly resourced regions.

On joining the Sanger Institute in 2004, Gordon reshaped the science, building new facilities and recruiting new Faculty. He nurtured links with the internal Mouse and Human Genetics programmes and established a global network of collaborators built around open-access policies. Gordon's current Faculty research investigates host/pathogen interactions associated with enteric bacterial pathogens, principally S. enterica serovar Typhi. He also directs other projects investigating the genetics of host susceptibility to infection through mouse and zebrafish infection screens.

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