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Wellcome Trust - Cambridge Centre for Global Health Research


Studying at Cambridge


Research labThe Centre's Mission includes

  • High quality research
  • Equitable partnerships with research institutions notably from low to middle income countries
  • Mentoring and Support of student and researchers notably from LMIC
  • Health promotion and advocacy substantiated by research


Integral to the Centre’s work is partnership with overseas institutions, researchers and students. The Centre aims to develop a network of leading international health professionals able to inform research and contribute to policy and health practice based on evidence at the national and regional level.

All countries have valuable experience in meeting their particular set of health challenges. Building on existing research excellence, the Centre aims to develop a research and knowledge partnership, able to inform health practice, primarily in low and middle income Countries, where health expenditure and resources may be limited.

Looking ahead, issues of population growth, resource depletion, urbanisation and climate change, are likely to have increasing impact on global health. The Centre supports research informing  current health challenges  such as parasitic and neglected diseases of the tropics, infection and drug resistance, animal and human health associated with food production  as well as the health challenges associated with equity, lifestyles and diet.

Image: THRIVe fellows Credit:  Dr Jenny Mackay

Professor Ian Goodfellow