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Immunity in the Compromised Host

Clostridium difficile250.jpgImmunosuppression is a common condition in children and adults living in economically challenging regions. Factors such as coinfection (e.g. TB, malaria and HIV) alongside malnutrition or nutrient deprivation can compromise individuals and make them either more susceptible to infection or less responsive to vaccination. Thus, studies that take these factors into account are of paramount importance. The Centre uses a combination of immunological, metabolic and physiological approaches linked to studies both in the laboratory and field to tackle this area. Metabolic signatures can be used to diagnose infectious states and in vivo models provide an opportunity to investigate the role of micronutrients and vitamins.

PhD Research

Microbiota and Tropical Enteropathies

Image:Clostridium Difficile on enteric cell. Credit: David Goulding, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute.